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Tent Rental 101

Apr 25, 2024

With venue prices skyrocketing, many event planners are turning to tent rentals- and it's obvious why. There are many different options and accessories that tents can offer, and it's almost guaranteed that there is a perfect fit for your event. Let's explore some of the advantages that a tent rental offers.
1. The Venue Comes to YOU.
Instead of guests driving miles and miles to attend your event, you can bring the venue to a location suitable for everyone! A backyard, a waterfront property, near a church or special location... anything is possible!
2. No Venue Regulations and Limitations
Most venues limit your guest count, put a time limit on your event, and only allow certain vendors. With a tent from Barton's, you can have YOUR EVENT, YOUR WAY. Party for as long as you want, how you want, and with whoever you want, with NO helicopter event supervisor.
3. It's CHEAP
The average cost of a wedding venue in 2023 was $12,800. That's not including the caterers, DJ, tables, chairs, linens, alcohol, etc. Tents from Barton's Rental and Supply range from the most basic all-purpose canopy ($500) to the largest Navi-Trac tent ($2,500). For your wedding or event, tents are the lowest cost option, with a large amount of advantages.
Barton's Rental and Supply in Seaford, Delaware offers a vast selection of tents and tent accessories, perfect for making your event special:
AP Canopy Tents are Barton's bestselling party and small event tents. Available in the sizes of 20x20, 20x30, and 20x40 these tents can seat 34, 48, and 62 guests, respectively. These tents can be picked up from the store and constructed by the renter or delivered and set-up for an additional fee. These tents are not compatible with sidewalls.
Cable tents are a great option for small parties and events, and considerably sturdier than the AP Canopy Tents. Available in the sizes of 20x20, 20x30, 20x40, and Hexagon- seating 34, 48, 62, and 72 guests, respectively. Cable tents are stabilized by cross-braided steel cables, and do not have a center pole (more room to party!). Cable tents are delivery and set-up only and have the option for sidewalls and doors!
Pole tents are a larger and more solid choice for a medium to large sized event. Available in the sizes of 30x30, 30x45, and 30x60, pole tents can seat 72, 104, and 144 guests, respectively. Pole tents are delivery and set-up only and have the option for sidewalls and doors!
Our most prestigious tent option, the Navi-Trac tent is ideal for outdoor weddings, concerts, and large company events. Available In 40x40, 40x60, 40x80, and 40x100- seating 128, 192, 256, and 320 guests, respectively. These tents are fully framed with high quality steel and aluminum alloy trusses and legs with no center pole (more room to party). Sidewalls and doors are available for the Navi-Trac, and they are delivery and set-up only.