FAQs | Bartons Rental


Q. What is required to rent?
A. Renters are required to have a State issued Driver License with a matching bank issued credit or debit card.

Q. Are the prices online up to date?
A. We strive to provide the best customer service for every customer. We try to stay up to date with pricing on all our items so you are getting the most accurate price.
The only thing the online price doesn't include would be the damage waiver and rental tax. Also all rentals require a maintenance deposit, that is refunded as long as items come back the way you receive them. (clean, full of fuel, etc.)

Q. What is damage waiver?
A. Damage waiver is a small fee that is applied to every rental. This fee covers normal wear and tear on the rental item such as a hydraulic hose leaking from use or an inflatable blower suddenly not working.
This does not cover negligence. Such as, ripping a hydraulic hose off a machine that was stuck on a tree branch or you dropping the inflatable blower off your truck resulting in it breaking.
If you want a copy of the full rental agreement explaining, please give us a call.

Q. Is it possible to rent a item without damage waiver?
A. In short yes. However, in order to decline damage waiver, you must be a business account holder and have a current certificate of liability.

Q. How do I become a billable account?
A. You must be a "business" and you need to fill out a credit application. You must also have a history of renting or buying from Barton's Rental and Supply. Renting one time 5 years ago is not the history we are looking for. For more specifics or exceptions, please email bgrinfo@bartons.pro

Q. If Delaware is tax free, why am I paying rental tax?
A. Unfortunately, Delaware is not tax free. It has no sales tax, therefore we are required to pay rental tax on every rental contract that is written.

Q. What is a maintenance deposit?
A. A maintenance deposit is required for all rental item and it ranges from $15 up to $200. The cost depends on the type of rental. This deposit covers any cleaning or fuel charges that may be added to your rental upon return. This deposit may also be applied to any damage or late fees on the rental. If damage and/or late fees are in excess of your deposit, you will be required to pay the additional amount.

Q. Is the maintenance deposit refundable? If so, when we will get it back?
A. Yes it is refundable and most times it is refunded at the return of your rental. The few times it is not would be for the inflatables and/or tents, because we need to open them up and check them out before refunding.
Please note that if you paid with a card if could take up to 5 business days to see the credit to your account. Every bank is different when it comes to credits.

Q. Can I drop off the items when you are closed?
A. Unfortunately you can not. if you decide to anyway, you are still responsible for the item if anything were to happen to it.
It is best to return items during business hours in case any items are missing or if you had problems with item.

Q. What is the policy in the event the rental item does not work?
A. In the event the item is not working properly or is not the correct item for your job, it is the customer responsibility to notify us(call) immediately or bring the item back within 30 minutes of pick up. As long as the item is in same condition as you picked up, you will get a refund or we can switch the item out.
If you picked up the item at closing time, the customer still needs to call and leave a message or message us on Facebook.
Unfortunately, if you do not notify us immediately, you may not be entitled to a refund.

Q. How do I reserve a item?
A. We require half down of the total rental for a reservation. We can do this in person or over the phone.

Inflatable Questions
Q. What type of vehicle do I need to transport the inflatable?
A. A truck with an open bed or trailer is required for pick up. We can not load an inflatable in a car or SUV.

Q. Do you deliver/pickup and setup/takedown? Where do you deliver to?
A. Yes we do as long as our schedule allows it for an additional cost. It is best to book early to ensure you are on our delivery schedule.
We deliver up to 50 miles from our store.

Q. How long does it take to set up and inflate the inflatables?
A. Depending on the size, it will take approximately 10-20 minutes to set up and inflate.

Q. What is the rental period for an inflatable?
A. If your event is on a Saturday or Sunday, the inflatable may be picked up Friday between 2:00-5:00pm and returned Monday between 7:00-9:00am. The rental cost listed in the inflatable section is for the entire weekend or day but does not include the damage waiver or rental tax.

If your event is during the week, you can pick up day before event and return by 9am the day after event.

Q. Will I receive a refund if I am unable to use the inflatable due to inclement weather?
A. Once the inflatable is picked up/delivered, we can not provide a refund if you are unable to use it due to inclement weather. You can however, cancel and receive a full refund due to weather prior to pick up/delivery.

Q. If I return my inflatable wet, will I get my maintenance deposit back?
A. If your inflatable is a water slide, then yes. They are designed to get wet and actually dry a lot faster than our jumpers/interactive.
However, if your inflatable is a jumper or interactive, then no you will not. The reason for this is because these inflatables sometimes take 3-5 days to fully dry. So unfortunately because of this, we will keep that deposit.

Q. How many people can sit at a 5’ round table?
A. Eight people can be seated at a 5' round table.

Q. How many people can sit at a 6’ banquet table?
A. Six people can be seated at a 6' banquet table. Eight if the ends are utilized.

Q. How many people can sit at an 8’ banquet table?
A. Eight people can be seated at an 8' banquet table. Ten if the ends are utilized

Q. What size linen is needed for a 5’ round table?
A. A 120" round if the linen needs to be floor length. A 108" round to drop down 24 inches. A 90" round to drop down 15 inches

Q. What size linen is needed for a 6’ banquet table?
A. A 90x132" to reach the floor. A 60x120" to drop 15 inches on the sides and 24 inches on the ends.

Q. What size linen is needed for an 8’ banquet table?
A. A 90x156" to reach the floor. A 60x120" to drop 15 inches on the sides and 12 inches on the ends.

Q. Does it cost more for a colored linen instead of a white linen?
A. The poly linens are available in all different colors and are priced the same as the white linens.

Q. What happens if something spills on the linen?
A. The damage waiver covers stains due to food or drink spills. The damage waiver does not cover burns due to candles or other flamed objects.