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Overseeder, Self-Propelled

Rental Rate: 24 Hour $149.10/ Weekly $447.30/ Monthly $1341.90

Our Billy Goat Self-Propelled Overseeder With Auto Drop holds 30 lbs of seed and is perfect for larger yards.
Prices are subject to change. Prices do not include damage waiver or rental tax.
Additional Information:
Verticut and overseed all in one pass.
Depth Adjustment  OS900SPH - 0.125 - .05 
Reel Blades  11 Fixed Blades 
Productivity  @3.0MPH 29,040 ft/hour
0.67 acre/hr 
Weight OS900SPH - 323lbs 
Length  58.38"
Width  30.75" 
Seeding Width 22"